Brandeis University President to Resign Over Rose Art Museum Mishandling


It’s been a little while since we last checked in at Brandeis University to see what’s going on with the Rose Art Museum debacle. As you might recall, back in January, the university’s board decided in secret to shut down the museum and sell off all of the art therein to help pay the bills. This led to a firestorm of protests, meetings, op-ed pieces, and everything in between. The last time we’d reported on Brandeis, back in late July, supporters of the museum were taking the university to court, trying to block any possible sales. Well now, after nine months since this began, it looks as though things have swung the way of the protesters. The big news is that the university’s longtime president, Jehuda Reinharz, has announced that he will be resigning, which is largely being perceived as relating to his mishandling of the Rose. Furthermore, the school recently decided through committee that the museum should remain open and that its future should be of more concern from here on out. So good news all around, it seems, for Rose supporters. Though this story has a tendency to take some quick turns, so we’re keeping our congrats to only around 87% until we know for sure everything is safe and sound on the Brandeis campus.