Newspaper Thanks Bon Appetit for the Obvious Honor

San Francisco Chronicle is like: 'Been there, ate that.'

LiholihoYachtClubFor those who woke up today to long hours at the computer, tattered SEO bullet points and a forthcoming social media metrics evaluation, here’s one more slice of the greener journalism life. Courtesy Bon Appetit restaurant and drinks editor Andrew Knowlton:

I visited San Francisco before and after April 16–19, but that four-day trip while on assignment for the Hot 10 was like a (delicious) punch in the mouth. It’s easy to be jaded when you eat out more than half the year, when you feel like you’ve seen it all before — and not just on Instagram! It sounds horrible, but when you eat for a living, cities — and menus — start to blend together…

I’ve been doing this professionally for several years now, and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a concentration of exciting and invigorating restaurants in a single year, in a single season. Not even in New York.

Based on 15 Bay Area meals, consumed and expensed over four days, Knowlton and the magazine have anointed San Francisco America’s “Best Food City.” An honor accepted with culinary circumspection by Chronicle staff writer Sara Fritsche:

San Francisco is the Best Food City in the country right now, according to Bon Appetit magazine.

But, we San Franciscans already knew that, right? It’s just nice to know that the rest of the country is finally catching on.

Knowlton teases that two of the Hot 10 restaurants revealed in the print issue arriving August 18 are located in San Francisco. The broader, Top 50 list is online here.
[Pictured: Liholiho Yacht Club, one of the splendifirous SF joints visited by Knowlton]