Blessed Be the Coming of Flatstock


Earlier this week, this writer talked about how crammed full of posters his ramshackle apartment is. Didn’t dawn on him until he was doing some miscellaneous searches this week that a lot of his posters are advertising Flatstock, the annual poster convention. So that’s sort of like going to the dealership to buy a car and winding up taking home their promotional material. Funny. But all asides aside, it’s great to see that there are two Flatstocks coming up around the corner. One in Chicago during the Pitchfork Festival in July and then another in Seattle at Bumbershoot in September. If you’re in the business and want to get in on the action, it’s never too early to register, so hop on it. And please know that if you do happen to go, this writer will likely be there will blank checks, eager and ready to hand them out. Such is the way of things.