Bill O’Reilly Producer Flies To Denver, ‘Stalks’ Reporter At Wild Oats

oreilly_denver.jpgBill O’Reilly enjoys going after journalists (even those on his own team) who disagree with him. From his ongoing battle with Letterman to his feud with his parody, the pundit can’t get enough.

Looks like the Factor host has a new target: In an April 7 column, Denver Post media expert Joanne Ostrow accused him of saying “racist bile” in his discussion with Geraldo. O’Reilly’s response? He “honored” Ostrow in his “The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day” segment, calling her “flat-out dishonest, and a far-left ideologue.”

But O’Reilly didn’t stop there:

O’Reilly producer Porter Berry phoned to ask if Ostrow would debate her statements on the Factor; she declined, saying her prose spoke for itself. Then, on April 10, Berry, a cameraman and a sound technician ambushed Ostrow in the parking lot of a Wild Oats market. (Berry flew in for the task.) On April 11, O’Reilly aired this forced conversation on his nationally syndicated radio staple and the television Factor.

Ostrow also believes Berry may have been staking out her home, as she went directly from there to Wild Oats.

For the record: The cost of Berry’s flight? At least $316, but probably more like $550. We doubt he’s flying an airline called Air Tran.