Better Know A Media Org: NAJA

naja_logo-sm.jpgToday’s organization: Native American Journalists Association (NAJA)

About the organization:

The Native American Journalists Association serves and empowers Native journalists through programs and actions designed to enrich journalism and promote Native cultures.

NAJA recognizes Native Americans as distinct peoples based on tradition and culture. In this spirit, NAJA educates and unifies its membership through journalism programs that promote diversity and defends challenges to free press, speech and expression. NAJA is committed to increase the representation of Native journalists in mainstream media. NAJA encourages both mainstream and tribal media to attain the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and responsibility.

To join, you must:
Be a media professional. Non-Native journalists can join but cannot vote on NAJA issues.

You’ll get:
Fellowship opportunities
Paid internship opportunities

And for that, you’ll pay:
Individual: $55
Student: $20
High school teacher/advisor: $25
High school student: $10

We’ve compiled as many professional organizations as we can find in all the disciplines that mediabistro visitors work in, and will be featuring one a day til we run out. We’re going in alphabetical order so nobody feels slighted, but if we skipped your favorite group by mistake, please let us know.