Bernstein Makes The Talk Show Rounds…Sort Of

Carl Bernstein stopped by the Colbert Report last night to hawk his new book on Senator and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

When remarking on the book’s 600-plus page length, Colbert asked “Why not just say, ‘woman in charge, bad idea, end of book?'”

Colbert then asked why Bernstein began work on this book two years before Clinton even ran for the Senate — how he knew at the time that she was ‘ambitious.’

Bernstein replied that Hillary was the only one to come out of the Monica Lewinsky scandal with enhanced stature and heard that she planned to run for the Senate as a means to repair the Clinton legacy, and thus he followed the story.

Bernstein went on to say that it’s always a rough ride when following the Clintons.

Colbert asked if Mrs. Clinton had two personas — one public, one private — to which Bernstein confidently answered “Absolutely.”

According to Bernstein, Mrs. Clinton is often robotic and ‘very guarded,’ not wanting others to tell her story. Bernstein claims, however, that the real version of Senator Clinton is more interesting, and actually a better portrayal, than the version Senator Clinton shows of herself.

Watch the entire interview here.

Bernstein also appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, but faired much worse. Media Matters breaks down the interview.