Sony Hypes Unidentified Film Object

Ahead of the March 11th theatrical release of Battle: Los Angeles, Sony Pictures this week cranked out a highly unusual press release to mark the anniversary of the February 25th, 1942 incident that is at the heart of the movie.

The mysterious events began around 2 a.m., involved as many as 25 UFOs, and led the military to fire repeated rounds as the sighted objects cruised from Santa Monica to Long Beach. For the press release, Sony trotted out not star Aaron Eckhart or director Jonathan Liebesman, but rather Bill Birnes (pictured), publisher of Lambertville, NJ based UFO Magazine:

“The obvious thought was that these were Japanese bombers come to attack the United States,” says Birnes. “But it wasn’t. They were flying too high. And the astounding thing was, not one artillery shell could hit the craft – out of all the hundreds of shells that were fired.”

“People outside that night swore that it was neither a plane nor a balloon – it was a UFO. It floated, it glided… It’s a mystery that’s never been resolved.”

If Sony really wants to push their PR luck, perhaps they should reserve a row of seats at the upcoming March 8th LA premiere for unanticipated, far-away last minute VIPs.