Barack Obama: Political candidate, graphic designers' muse

Barack Obama was declared the presumptive Democratic nominee last week, but even more interesting than the heated race between the candidates are the Barack Obama posters that have been plastered on walls around the country. Never in my lifetime have I seen a political candidate inspire so many works of art before. Here are some of them:

From left: Rob Kelly, Obey Giant, Upper Playground, The Poster List

From left: Ray Noland, Steam Crow, Sam Flores, Ron English

From left: Kathleen Judge, Go Tell Mama, Ashley Henderson, Upper Playground

As for the other candidates, Logoblink has a visual history of the logos of presidential hopefuls from 1960-2008. Obama, Clinton and McCain are all there, in addition to single word candidates like “Muskie!” “Rocky!” and “Lamar!” Shirley Chisholm’s slogan “Unbought and Unbossed” is particularly striking as is John Ashbrook’s declaration of himself as a “Responsible Republican” alongside a graphic emphasizing his “No Left Turns” stance.

No matter the logo, slogan, or mantra there will always be a reporter (or citizen journalist) there to cover it.

This post is not an endorsement of any particular candidate or political party.