Audrey & Apple: They’re Baaaack

apple.jpg audrey.jpg
LA.COMfidential reports that the party-promoting team of Apple Via and Audrey Bernstein are working together again after a year-ish of hiatus. Not clear if Audrey Bernstein is using her real last name again or her former less, uh, less you-know-what nom de guerre Audrey Rose. (Apple’s the one in the tube socks, by the way. Tube socks: the next trucker cap?)

Here’s Rose/Bernstein quoted in a 2002 LA Weekly item (second one down) about her party-throwing ideology:

“Not that what we do is unimportant – creating an environment where people feel inspired and supported – but there is so much more we can do with it.”

Regarding the duo’s new creating-an-environment-where-people-feel-inspired-and-supported venture, LA.COMfidential reports that they’re “still in the ‘where should we have it?’ stage.”

How about Spokane?