Attention Techies: NYT and Chicago Tribune Want You

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Overheard: “I started looking for journalists with computer science backgrounds. There aren’t many. [Now we are searching for] people with tech backgrounds who are coming to journalism. You should know at least one programming language. On the front end, HTML, CSS. On the backend, Ruby, python, Perl. Beyond that, the key concept is that they have to have that journalistic sense. Those are the folks I’m looking for, and not in a hypothetical sense. We are actually hiring.” Aron Pilhofer, editor of Newsroom Interactive Technologies, New York Times

“We are also actively hiring. You must have a love for the news, a friendly disposition—I don’t want jerks working for me. (Laughs) And tech generalists. I’d say, our team, we all have various tech superpowers. We’d like someone whose superpower is a background in data science. I’d also love someone who has server management skills.” Brian Boyer, news applications editor, Chicago Tribune