Prince Wins… Again

This time, via a Q&A with AP's global entertainment and lifestyles editor.

ShutterstockPrince2011Ahead of the Oscars, AP has shared a Q&A with its global entertainment and lifestyles editor Nekesa Mumbi Moody.

She highlights some recent coverage items related to the Big Show by her film team (Jake Coyle, Sandy Cohn, Lindsay Bahr). And then, at the end of the conversation, she answers a question about the most interesting person she’s ever interviewed:

Prince. I’ve interviewed him three times, most recently last fall at Paisley Park. Each time I could not record it, and he didn’t want me to take notes for part of it the last time. I spent hours with him but wished for more because he was so smart and had so much knowledge. I could do dozens of stories on him and wish I could!”

Now there’s a beat, one that perhaps some other enterprising media operation can run with: Prince reporter. Don’t laugh. As his impactful appearances at the Golden Globes and the SNL:40 after-party have reminded, both celebrities and civilians can’t get enough of this guy.

We well remember Moody’s most recent piece on Prince. Especially this part:

Joshua Welton, a young producer who is married to drummer Hanna Ford Welton of 3RDEYEGIRL (Donna Grantis and Ida Nielsen round out the trio), is one of the fresh new talents Prince marvels at; he refers to him as a “Steve Jobs” and marvels not only at his musical might, but also his spiritual strength.

His faith in Welton is so strong that he shares productions with him on the album, and says for the first time, there are tracks where Prince doesn’t even play an instrument, leaving it to Welton.

“Who would have predicted that I would let a 22, 23-year-old produce me?” says Prince (though he’s actually 24). “He’s super talented.”

Photo of Prince performing in Hungary in 2011: Northfoto/