ArtVenture Launches Art Prize with Human Rights Focus

Chase Sperry.jpg
Artwork by Chase Sperry

Are you an artist who uses his or her talents to promote creative freedom, empathy, and understanding? Do you and your art routinely confront discrimination and oppression? Do you currently find yourself in prison? These are among the qualities Singapore-based philanthropic organization ArtVenture seeks in contenders for its new Freedom to Create Prize, for which it is partnering with human rights organization Article 19. Announced yesterday, the prize will award a total of $100,000 to three artists and organizations that further the causes highlighted by their artwork. Click “continued…” for details.

In the main category, open to artists in all creative fields (including the visual arts, film, music, dance, and literature), the prize will be awarded to an individual or group that uses their creative work to promote human rights and freedom of expression in a restrictive or repressive environment. There is also a youth prize open to artists under the age of 18 and a third one for artists who are currently imprisoned due to their artwork, which might make the entry process rather challenging.

“The ArtVenture Freedom to Create Prize is not simply about judging the skill of an artist’s work,” said ArtVenture’s Martin Thomas. “Instead, it will recognize how the artist has used their work in speaking out against discrimination and oppression.” While the judging panel “of eminent artists and human rights experts” has yet to be announced, entries are now being accepted through October 31. The winners will be announced in London on December 1.