ArcLight Cinemas Hit the Beach

In a town that worships movies, Nora Dashwood (pictured) has it pretty good. As chief brand officer of ArcLight Cinemas, she gets to peddle the best moviegoing experience this side of Robert Evans’ Bel Air circuit screening room.

The fourth quadrant of Dashwood’s empire, ArcLight Beach Cities, officially opens next Friday, November 5th at El Segundo’s Continental Park, a sprawling retail-entertainment complex featuring five hotels, four shopping centers and various restaurants. The company has essentially gone in and gutted one of its own properties, but the name “The ArcLight Formerly Known as the Pacific Beach Cities All-Stadium 16” didn’t quite have the same ring to it.

The newest ArcLight location holds special significance for Dashwood, a long-time resident of neighboring Manhattan Beach. Also intriguing is the proximity of the ArcLight Beach Cities to LAX; for those travelers with an extra amount of time between flights, the destination – along with the Rave 18 at the Howard Hughes Center – presents a more feasible cinematic escape scenario than the ArcLight’s of Hollywood, Pasadena and Sherman Oaks.

There will be the odd sports star sighting or two, thanks to Manhattan Beach’s rank as one of the U.S. communities with the highest concentration of professional athlete residents. Today through November 4th, a variety of community preview days are being held, with part of the proceeds going to local charities.