Apparently the Gray Lady is a Twitterer, John McCain Not So Much

fbnytwitgg.pngAs some of you may know, FBNY has an intermittently active twitter feed. And every time some nice soul (usually named “John Smith” or the like) decides to sign up as one of our followers we get an email announcing the new member. Today however, there was a whole new sort of arrival on the scene.

Apparently, the NYT Co. has a twitter and they are following us (which means among other things that they are aware of our random Gossip Girl encounter yesterday — we aim to inform!). But what is the NYT Co. doing with a twitter feed? We took a look and discovered that it appears to be relatively new: thus far they’ve made 13 updates, acquired 31 followers, and are following 71 people (wow, we made the top 100). Thus far it’s mostly news and links.

This actually isn’t the first time we’ve noticed a large company testing the twitter waters (just ours). Apparently the SEC is also in the game, along with CSPAN. Perhaps not surprisingly Barack Obama has one (he has 59,567 followers and is following 62,241). John McCain, however, may want to look into whoever is currently squatting on his space, no pun intended.