AOL Continues Hiring Spree, Armstrong Says Some WTF Things

We’re bewildered that AOL is continuing to hire, since the Internet content company has been in seemingly full-on hiring mode since, oh, eighteen months ago. But hey, who are we to complain?

The Daily Front Row interviewed AOL CEO Tim Armstrong about his plans for the company. Surprise, surprise: Armstrong says AOL is getting bigger, higher quality.

DFR: We hear you’re hiring hundreds of journalists over the next few months. Can we tell all our unemployed friends to send you their resumes?
Armstrong: Please, we want ’em all! We have about 80 new content properties and are looking for people who are passionate experts in the video space, audio space, text space, every space.

He also told DFR that “starting this month, I think you’ll see our sites becoming higher and higher quality, both from an aesthetic and a functionality standpoint. The second thing you’re going to see us do is create very specific high-end versions within our existing content verticals—in the women’s space, in the travel space, and especially in the fashion space.” And in the next two months, all AOL’s sites will be remodeled and relaunched. Very cool.

Though Tim, you had us until you called the Jonas Brothers “some of the most creative people on the planet,” in the same sentence, no less, as Chuck Close. But OK. You’re hiring unemployed journalists so we’ll let that slide.