Anti Paparazzi Bill Signed Into Law in California

AB 2479, the law which would impose strict penalties, even jailtime, on photographers who “recklessly” chase celebrities in vehicles or corner them on sidewalks, has been signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The bill was crafted by House Speaker Emeritus Karen Bass, with help from LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, and it’s kind of an odd one, since reckless driving and false imprisonment are already crimes in California.

Hollywood is obviously pleased, but newspaper unions not so much.

“We don’t deny there’s a big problem, we just think that this particular bill is overly inclusive,” general counsel for the California Newspaper Publishers Association Tom Newton told The Wrap last month. “I don’t represent paparazzi, I represent photojournalists and these folks drive cars. Under this law though, if you harbor an intent to capture an image then it appears to us you could be subjected to enhanced criminal prosecution.”

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