Sydney Leathers Ditching Porn in Favor of Journalism?

What did “Big John” expect? The owner of a Hell’s Kitchen nightclub where Sydney Leathers hosted a Tuesday night soiree to coincide with the first NYC Democratic candidates mayoral debate told the New York Daily News she was a lukewarm hostess. Instead of mingling, she spent most of the night on her phone, texting. Dude, that’s what she does.

But soon, Leathers may be introducing herself to politicians as a journalist. Following an interview with Sean Hannity, she spoke to FOX 411. Leathers confirmed the Vivid porn film is officially off and that she may instead pick up on some fledgling radio beginnings:

“I volunteered with a radio service for eight years. It was a program called the Radio Information Service. Mostly just news broadcasts, all for blind and print handicapped people. There are some talks of me co-hosting a radio show; maybe some political blogging.”

The (seemingly non-moderated) FOX 411 peanut gallery is not impressed with Leathers or the Daily News. Reader CHRIS_M writes: ‘This country desperately needs uneducated bimbos with no values, class or moral compass to perpetuate this sickening culture of rewarding sleaze and soullessness. Thanks, Daily News for helping her achieve her goals and perpetuate this culture.’

Radio Information Service meanwhile appears to have ceased operations.

Update (August 21):
Although Leathers told FOX 411 she had decided not to do a “sex tape” with Vivid, a spokesperson for the company confirms that their brand new offering Sydney Leathers: Weiner and Me, released online today, features the sexter getting it on with adult male star Xander Corvus. From today’s release:

The explicit parody movie stars 23-year-old Leathers as herself as she goes through a laughable audition searching for the “perfect weiner” for her porn debut. After she finds her perfect weiner in actor Xander Corvus, the movie parodies her sexting dialogue with the former congressman and current NYC Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.