AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

An AnonymASS tipster writes in to complain about our “Top 10 Moments that Hooked us in 2011” list: “I am still amazed at how DCFB could miss one of the BIGGER DC media stories this past year without a single mention. I’m, talking about the self outing of illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas working as a reporter at the Washington Post. I mean WTF? Not a single mention of the incident here on a DC media site? Only a lot of puff pieces in the archives on Vargas. What’s up with that? Guess he was doing work that American Journalism School grads would not do like working at the Washington Post. Seriously, why did you ignore this story? Was somebody at DCFB sleeping with this guy?”

Note of explanation: I’ve checked in with Peter and Eddie and can vouch for myself that no, no one at FishbowlDC had sex with Jose Antonio Vargas to avoid him making our list. But we like your 70s-80s-style Hollywood casting couch kind of thinking. Vargas could have made a worthy addition to the list. So could a lot of other stories that didn’t make the list because it was our list. As in we decide what makes it. And besides, Vargas is based in New York. Didn’t quite fit on all levels. Maybe next year. That is, if we don’t have sex with him and he’s deported.