Ana Marie Takes Page Out of Rahm’s Playbook

Cox on top-thumb.jpgThe Onion’s A.V. Club interviews GQ’s Ana Marie Cox and she waits about 10 seconds to use the “R” word. Some might think it baffling for her to repeat White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s phrase so soon. The exact phrase she opted for: “humorless f–king retards.”

Shortly before GQ hired Cox, A.V. Club sat down with Cox and talked to her “about the failure of Air America, the difficulties of dispassionate journalism, and whether she misses Wonkette.”

And does she miss Wonkette? Um, no.

AVC: Are you nostalgic for your Wonkette days?
AMC: I was paid $12 a post.
AVC: That’s a no?
AMC: No. I know my life has been really rich and my professional career has been really interesting since then. I’ve done a lot of cool stuff.

Read the interview here.

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