Amy Cunningham Revisits Texas Honky Tonk Piece

There are three reasons to celebrate the inclusion of Amy Cunningham’s March 1982 article in the current countdown of D magazine’s 40 greatest articles of all time. (The “D” stands for Dallas.)


1) The citation will introduce a whole new set of readers to Cunningham’s piece, which she wrote after going undercover as a waitress at famed establishment Billy Bob’s Texas.

2) It highlights one of the most unusual post-journalism career migrations. Per a separate article link, Cunningham is now still blogging but also works as a licensed funeral director in New York state, after receiving her certification in 2013.

3) Finally, this particular D magazine honor led Cunningham to re-read her article for the first time in 20 years and share some interesting thoughts. Including this one:

“I did not stay in touch with any of my waitress friends and only spoke to Tammy once after the piece was published. I think she was puzzled why I never “came out” to her as a journalist. I would have tried to be a better friend today, and not roll up and go home to my neat life and cute Dallas apartment, as I did.”