All (Oliver) Stoned Out


Washington has been saturated with Oliver Stone this week.

Here’s a glimpse of the Hollywood director on one leg of his whirlwind press tour around town to promote his new film, “South of the Border.” On Thursday he entered blogger Carol Joynt’s Q & A Cafe.

Joynt offered guests to the Georgetown Ritz’s Cafe a brash, entertaining interview with Stone as well as an exquisite plate of sea bass, frisee salad and chocolate cupcakes. She began the interview by saying, “I consider you a good-looking man.” She then asked the director about everything from his mustache, to his contempt for the media to his befriending and directing leaders like Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Joynt asked if CBS’s “60 Minutes” had ever approached him. Stone said, no, they hadn’t. “Maybe they’ll do a superficial picture of my career at the end of my life.”

The Ritz restaurant is upscale, both Joynt and Stone went for the relaxed look, clad in blue jeans. Joynt wore a dark shirt, dark jeans; Stone donned jeans, a dark blazer and powder blue button-down-shirt paired with a dark tie and hard black lace up shoes.

Journalists who showed up to the event included Washingtonian’s Shane Harris and Editor-in-Chief Garrett Graff, former TWT gossip scribe Stephanie Green and the Washington Examiner’s Tara Palmeri.

The food was delicious and guests appeared to be amused by Stone’s presence and the interview. “Feel free to say I had two cupcakes,” remarked Green.

On the subject of the Washington media and Stone’s attempt to get press this week, Stone was unabashed. Though his male suited publicist was determined to whisk him out of the hotel restaurant as quickly as possible without speaking to reporters, Stone had something to say about D.C. coverage of him this week:

“Get what you can,” he told FishbowlDC with a wide smile.

Watch Joynt’s interview on D.C. Cable/Channel 16 this weekend and throughout next week.
In the meantime, watch it also here.

stone 3,jpg.jpg
Joynt and Stone

Stone 2.jpg
Palmeri and Green