After Pressure, ESPN Backs Off On Reporter-Pitchman Deal

icehouse.pngESPN has reversed its decision to allow college football reporter Jenn Brown to promote a brand of beer, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

Brown had been hired by MillerCoors to promote Icehouse beer. The deal was approved by ESPN, but after the story appeared, ESPN changed its mind.

Last week, Dan Patrick, a radio sports talk host but formerly a SportsCenter anchor, said that when he was at ESPN he acted as a Coors spokesman; the deal had been approved by ESPN at the time. “But Patrick says now that he realized what he had done was a mistake,” writes the Journal Sentinel.

Another reason why the deal may have been deep-sixed is the issue of a college football reporter promoting beer. There’s enough controversy about promoting drinking to college kids to last a lifetime without reporters getting into the mix.