Abrams: ‘I Have Not Offered the Job to Anyone’

340x03.26.09.jpgAfter reading the New York Observer article about Dan Abrams’ new media blog or aggregation site, we emailed the man himself to ask if he’d offered the job to any of the names mentioned.

“I have not offered a job to anyone. I have just had discussions and brainstorming sessions with some really interesting people,” he wrote. “That is it.”

As for the actual design and content of the nascent venture, Abrams explained, “I am considering a number of possible Web properties and will continue to evaluate which ones make sense.”

We aren’t entirely convinced what the world needs now is yet another media blog, so we asked Rachel Sklar, Abrams’ right-hand woman (who was curiously absent from the NYO article) about whether she thought the space was too full and what her role, if any, would be in launching the project.

“There is space to do something well,” she said. “There is ALWAYS space to do something well.

“I’m involved in pretty much every major project that comes out of Abrams Research,” Sklar added. “I’m excited about it. I’ve definitely been part of its evolution — like I said, there is space for a property like this and there is always space for something that’s good.”