A Peek Behind the Gray Curtain


This is a two-part post: first to acknowledge the branding genius of Philips, whose “sense and simplicity” campaign has them committing all kinds of good deeds throughout the media world. Back in the spring they put the table of contents on the easy-to-find-first page of magazines like Time and Fortune. On Saturday night, they bought all the ad time on the Texas-Oklahoma State football game, only to give it back to the broadcasters.

This week, they’ve given us the key to that lead-clad vault hidden deep inside our parents’ closet: TimesSelect.

And that’s how we spotted something that simply made our day: the doodled musings of Maira Kalman during a recent trip to Paris. You can also soak up Allison Arieff’s design column, but hurry! The week’s already half over!