A New Yorker Obama Cover Nominated for Year’s Best, but Not That One

New+Yorker+1+02-11-08.jpgThe American Society of Magazine Editors just released its nominations for the year’s best cover and
a New Yorker one made it in the category of “Best Concept Cover.” It’s not, however, the Obama and Michelle cover which drew so much controversy earlier this year. Instead, ASME gave the nod to the NYer‘s “Eustace Tillarobama” drawing.

In total, New York led the way with six noms, while David Remnick’s pub garnered four. Wired had three, and T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Texas Monthly, Time and Vanity Fair each got two.

Winners will be announced on Monday, October 6, during the American Magazine Conference in San Francisco, California.

Full list of nominations after the jump.

Cover of the Year

  • Interview, June/July 2008: “Andy is 80!”
  • New York, March 24, 2008: Eliot Spitzer’s “Brain”
  • The New Yorker, October 8, 2007: “Short Stance”

    Best Celebrity Cover

  • Latina, March 2008: Jessica Alba Quote cover
  • T: The NYT Style Magazine, Spring 2008: “Talking Dirty” George Clooney
  • Texas Monthly, May 2008: Willie Nelson and guitar

    Best Concept Cover

  • The New Yorker, February 11 & 18, 2008: “Eustace Tillarobama”
  • TIME, April 28, 2008: “How to Win the War on Global Warming”
  • Vanity Fair, May 2008: Madonna Green Issue
  • Wired, November 2007: “Manga Conquers America”

    Best Fashion Cover

  • Departures, March/April 2008: International Style
  • GQ, March 2008: Eric Bana
  • New York Look, Spring 2008: Catwalk
  • Vanity Fair, September 2007: Gisele Bündchen

    Best Leisure Interest Cover

  • New York, June 30, 2008: “The Summer Issue”
  • The New Yorker, April 21, 2008: Three layer couple on the move
  • T: The NYT Style Magazine, Winter 2007: “Drift Away” Lake Tazawa, Japan

    Best News Cover

  • New York, March 24, 2008: Eliot Spitzer’s “Brain”
  • The New York Times Magazine, July 27, 2008: “Children of God”
  • The New Yorker, March 17, 2008: Clinton-Obama 3am phone call
  • TIME, May 19, 2008: “And The Winner Is…”

    Best Personal Service Cover

  • New York, November 12, 2007: “Airport Hell and How to Escape It”
  • Texas Monthly, June 2008: “The Top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas”
  • Wired, June 2008: Cutting Carbon

    Best Coverline

  • New York, March 24, 2008: “Brain”
  • The New York Times Magazine, June 1, 2008: “Martha. Oprah. Tyra.*”
  • Wired, April 2008: “Evil/Genius”