A New Year of Old Stuff in Interior Design


And here’s where the focus shifts. Once the numbers on that calendar roll over, you start losing the “best of” year end lists and move onto the upcoming trends of the new year. And here we find just that in the LA Times‘ “The Past is Alive in 2008” which is all about what this here here year we now find ourselves in will look like. And, per usual, it’s a mix of stuff from years gone by. But, based on their lead photo, it seems like the upcoming trends were either a) picked out of a hat or b) as China gains influential economic power, we’re prepping ourselves for our new leaders. It’s a strange mix of “french neoclassic,” “Shanghai modern” and “fringe elements,” among a bunch of other interior design phrases we don’t really understand. But since we’re not usually up on the trends anyway, we’re going to stick with what we know: “dingy apartment filled with seven cats.” Timeless.