A New Fish In The Bowl

With Fishbowl D.C. guru Garrett M. Graff well underway as editor-at-large of Washingtonian magazine, he’s asked me–Patrick W. Gavin–to join the Fishbowl D.C. team and share blogging responsibilities (and, of course, work on my D.C. cocktail party etiquette).

When not writing here, I’m the associate editorial page editor for the Washington Examiner . I previously worked at the Brookings Institution and, when I was really in the mood for punishment, taught 7th and 8th grade history and English in Princeton, NJ. I like long walks on the beach, poetry readings…Oh, I digress.

I’m excited to be on board and feel free to send all tips, critiques, criticisms, hate/love mail to patrick AT mediabistro DOT com.