A Love Ballad: Wavves Would Like To Make Raucous Love To The NY Observer

wavves_6.30.jpgWavves (described by the New York Observer as a “pop punk stoner band”) dedicated a special song to the Observer at last night’s Fader magazine party. Cute!

Although we’re not familiar with the work of Wavves — helmed by Nathan Williams — Williams did refer to the song as “Fuck the New York Observer,” so we’ll infer that it’s a sexy tune about making love.

The dedication was most likely in response to a recent article the Observer ran which painted Williams in a less-than-flattering blacklight:

Whether the anti-intellectual rhetoric that Wavves employed onstage on Thursday was an affectation calculated to project an image of recession-era no-collar punk rock is unclear. In interviews Mr. Williams does come off as an accredited slacker who, until musical success earned him his own apartment in Los Angeles, spent his days at his parent’s house playing video games and smoking a ton of pot. So it’s absolutely possible Mr. Williams really is or was that kind of loser. Plenty of people are.

In a write-up on last night’s show and the heartfelt ode to the Observer, contributor Leon Neyfakh returns the love with a quip about The-Dream — the act Wavves opened for, as well as their Fader cover mate:

Mr. Williams indicated that he did not want to be interviewed by the Observer, which is too bad because it would have been rad to find out whether he got to hang out with The-Dream at all.

Ouch. To quote another bastion of musical genius: Love hurts!

Photo via Buddyhead