The 99 Greatest blogs you aren't reading

What’s the best way to keep track of journalism and technology? Read non-journalism blogs.

When I am asked how do I find all the cool and innovative sites and tools featured at 10,000 Words, I quickly reply that I subscribe to more than 150 blogs, using Google Reader to keep track of them all. For the first time, here is a list of many of those blogs and sites, edited for relevance. Most of these blogs have little relation to journalism and cover everything from technology to design to photography and everything in between. You’ll find my absolute favorites and suggested reads at the top of the list and even more great sites following after.

1. Black Star Rising

Advice and opinion on the art and business of photography

2. Blogging Tips

Tips on how to become a better blogger


FFFFOUND! allows users to post and share their favorite images found on the web

4. FlowingData

FlowingData explores how designers, statisticians, and computer scientists are using data to understand ourselves better – mainly through data visualization.

5. Google Maps Mania

A blog that covers all the cool new Google Maps mashups, tools and applications being created by people all over the world.

6. information aesthetics

Collects projects that represent data or information in original or intriguing ways


The best linkblog on the net

8. Mashable!

Social media news blog covering cool new websites and social networks

9. Neatorama

Blog full of random interesting tidbits about life, the world and the internet

10. Read/WriteWeb

Provides analysis of web products and trends

11. Smashing Magazine

Useful and innovative information about the latest trends and techniques in web development

12. The Next Web

Reports about everything that influences the future of the Web

The best of the rest…

13. 1stwebdesigner

A design blog that focuses on web design, graphic design, tutorials and inspirational articles

14. a beautiful revolution

Insightful doodles from Andre Jordan

15. Advertising Lab

Follows the future of advertising technologies and media

16. AisleOne

An inspirational resource focused on graphic design, typography, grid systems, minimalism and modernism

17. Barry’s Best Computer Tips

Computer tips, internet tools and software news

18. Blog To Great

Tips and help for creating and maintaining successful, profitable, great blogs

19. Blog.SpoonGraphics

Design tutorials, graphic design articles and free vector downloads

20. Cartogrammar

A blog about maps and the technology and design that fuel them

21. Chip Chick

Tech and gadgets from a woman’s perspective

22. CinemaTech

Focuses on how new technologies are changing cinema – the way movies get made, discovered, marketed, distributed, shown, and seen.

23. Consumerist

The best blog dedicated to consumer affairs

24. Cool Material

The latest in men’s fashion and style, gear, tech, gadgets, and media


A site dedicated to the craziest gadgets, gizmos, toys, technology, and design.

26. Creattica Daily

Design and creative news

27. currybetdotnet

Search, media, and newspapers on the web

28. CyberNet News

Technology news and productivity tips

29. Death by Kerning

Typography and design

30. Design You Trust

Design blog dedicated to latest trends

31. designfeedr

Design inspiration from a variety of media

32. Digital Amy

A collection of awesome journalism technology tips

33. Digital Inspiration

Technology blog focused on software, tools and web technologies

34. Dinosaurs and Robots

Unique blog that focuses on objects as design inspiration

35. Dirty Mouse

Blog focused on graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, interior and product design

36. Dzineblog

Design inspiration and creativity

37. Fuel Your Creativity

Graphic design blog that provides news, articles and resources for all types of design

38. geeksugar

Technology and gadgets blog geared toward women

39. Gizmodo

Online review dedicated to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics

40. GOOD Blog

Weblog of GOOD Magazine, one of the best resources for infographic journalism

41. Graphic Design Blog

The name says it all

42. Haga clic para continuar

Infografía interactiva y mucho más


Online tips for tech users, designers and bloggers

44. Horses Think

Blog filled with random visual stimuli

45. Information Design Watch

Information visualization and design blog

46. Inspire me, now!

Szymon Blaszczyk’s inspiration log


Showcases design trends in web, graphic design, logos and business cards

48. Interesting Pile

A librarian posts links to things he thinks are interesting, such as lists, games, quizzes, book reviews and neat sites

49. Ironic Sans

Featuring innovative ideas, short films, observations on design, and an ongoing look at New York City in animation

50. Journalism 2010

Where journalism, innovation and entrepreneurship collide

51. Kitsune Noir

A visual collection of random bits related to art, design, fashion, films and music

52. Lifehacker

Tips for making life easier

53. LikeCOOL

The best in gadgets and design

54. LostInTechnology

Online guide to helpful tools and software


Cool websites, software and internet tips

56. Map Hawk

Watching how the media communicates with maps

57. mental_floss

Blog on trivia and interesting facts

58. Ministry of Type

Typography, lettering, calligraphy and other related design elements

59. Motionographer

Showcases inspiring and outstanding motion design, graphic design, animation, visual effects, graphic design and digital filmmaking.

60. MyInkBlog

A resource for all things graphic and web design

61. Nerd Approved

Sometimes ridiculous gadgets and gizmos

62. NiceFuckingGraphics!

Diseño gráfico, ilustración, tutoriales y más

63. NiemanLab

Killer blog about journalism in the digital age

64. Positive Space

A graphic design blog that covers website design, the business of design, design and technology, and sources of inspiration

65. Preik

Design aggregation blog

66. Pro Blog Design

How to design a better blog

67. ProgrammableWeb

Information on APIs, mashups and the Web as platform

68. Quick Online Tips

Technology news, blogging tips, free software, Web 2.0 and how to make money online

69. Random Good Stuff

Random good stuff.

70. SacredFacts

Linkblog dedicated to journalism, technology and new media

71. shiner.clay

Essential tidbits about what’s going on in the music, web 2.0 and design community

72. Simple Complexity

Discussions of data visualization, data integration, business intelligence, and knowledge management

73. SlyVisions dot Com

Blogging and internet marketing tips

74. Smashing Apps

Free and useful online resources for designers and developers

75. Smiley Cat

Articles, tips and tutorials about web design, CSS, usability, search engine optimization and other web design-related topics.

76. TechCrunch

Preeminent blog about technology start-ups

77. TechCult

Internet, hardware, software, mobile and gaming news

78. technabob

Gadgets, technology and home entertainment

79. Technologizer

Personal technology blog


Personal computing and technology

81. TechXav

A technology blog run by a group of tech-savvy teenagers between the age of 14-15

82. The Art of the Title Sequence

Features opening title design for film and television

83. The Big Picture

Amazing photography blog

84. The Design Cubicle

Print design, web design, logo design, branding, adve
rtising & marketing and more

85. The Map Room

Maps, map collections, map-related resources, and material about maps on the web

86. The Popcorn Trick

Interesting links and awesome tweets

87. The Presurfer

Technology news and examples

88. The Raw Feed

Technology and culture blog

89. Twitter: @AudioJungle

Awesome links from audio sharing marketplace AudioJungle

90. Twitter: @brainpicker

Awesome links from creative strategist Maria Popova

91. Twitter: @johnsonLAB

Awesome links from Berlin-based media strategy firm johnsonLAB

92. Twitter: @dujourno

Awesome links from writer R. Trentham Roberts

93. Twitter: @SteffanAntonas

Awesome links from blogger Steffan Antonas

94. Web Design Ledger

Design inspiration, tips and tutorials

95. WebUrbanist

Urban design, culture, travel, architecture and alternative art


Cool web applications

97. Word Bang

Copywriting for the web and elsewhere

98. wordboner

Clever musings expressed through unique typography

99. Yanko Design

Explores the future of technology

Congrats, you made it to the end of the list! Be sure to also check out the blogroll in the left sidebar for more journalism and multimedia-themed blogs.

UPDATE: Here’s an OPML file of the above blogs so you can easily upload them into your RSS reader (created with OPMLBuilder)

Have favorites that aren’t on this list? Want to pimp your own blog? Share it with everyone in the comments.

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