East Coast Critic: Have Oscars Jumped the Shark?

Far from the madding, furiously handicapping Oscar blogger crowd, the view of the AMPAS membership’s elderly tendencies is a little different. This morning, New York Post film critic Kyle Smith rips the ratings prospects for the upcoming ABC telecast, and really, it’s hard to argue with him.

For the first time since 1929, a silent film is not just in the Best Picture Oscar mix but also the presumed winner. For Smith, this translates into the sound of crickets:

The Oscar nominations spoke yesterday, and they said, “Shh!” ABC’s response? “Sh – – !” The list made it clear that the February 26 ceremony will be among the least-watched editions of the collapsing telecast.

Smith cleverly points out that The Artist has grossed less than George LucasRed Tails did opening weekend. He’s also got a pretty funny personal logline for this year’s nominations leader Hugo. Writes Smith: “It’s a fantasy about the mood swings of the greatest moviemaker of 1902, France’s Georges Méliès.” Although Smith does not mention Eddie Murphy or Brett Ratner, FishbowlLA is guessing that duo may well be thanking their unlucky stars in the wake of this week’s nominations.

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[Photo of Jean Dujardin/The Artist courtesy Weinstein Co.]