7 Amazing Twitter visualizations


This stunning video visualizes Twitter users around the world who tweeted the phrase “good morning.” Approximately 11,000 tweets in various languages were collected for the project and are color-coded by time of day. Find out more about how it was created here.

Information creation & circulation, after Twitter

It’s no secret that Twitter has challenged mainstream news media when it comes to breaking news. Exactly how far behind do television and newspapers lag? About two hours and 8 hours, respectively, according to this chart.


An oldie but goodie, Twittervision maps recent tweets on a Google map mashup. The result is both striking and hypnotic.

More Truth About Twitter

If the Twitter community were 100 people, 50 would be lazy and 20 would be dead, according to this visualization based on recent Twitter studies. Subsequent charts reveal that on average 40% of tweets are “inane” and Monday is the peak day for retweets.


Twitter’s public timeline never looked this good. Keep track of trending topics or your own search terms with this online tool that presents recent tweets as a never-ending cascade.

Just Landed

This video piece visualizes Twitter users who have just landed or arrived in locations around the world with streams that plot both their home location and the location where they arrived.


Twitter users can be an emotional bunch and nowhere else is that more clearly visualized than twistori, which sorts and streams tweets by various sentiments, including love, hate and believe.

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