50 Politicos To Watch, Including Some Journos Too

Politico issued a glossy mag today of 50 politicos to watch, finally answering the question, what exactly is a politico? “A politico is a participant in and/or an especially avid devotee of the theater of politics,” therefore including a few of our own journos.

NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd, WaPo‘s Eugene Robinson, Foreign Policy‘s Laura Rozen and WaPo‘s Charles Krauthammer all made the Politicos of the Fourth Estate cut. Todd even got a full page pic in the mag.

The issue also included a Q&A with a Washington veteran, former ABC White House correspodent Sam Donaldson. An excerpt:

On media coverage of the Obama White House:

“Some people say, ‘Oh, what’s happened to the White House press corps? They’ve fallen down.’ I don’t think that’s true. Here’s a man who, like some other presidents, came into Washington walking on water, in a figurative sense. Some of them do. But then you start noticing their feet are wet, and of course, a few of them drown before they get across the tidal basin. You can point to a lot of mistakes he’s made, but they’ve been minor. It’s hard to say, ‘Well, the White House press corps should have really given him what for.'”

More from Donaldson here.