Kat Gordon

One of Ashley Madison's Biggest Failures Was How Abysmally It Marketed to Women

Affair service spoke only to guys, ruining it for both genders

Let's leave the feds to arrest the hackers (and they should), the lawyers to determine liability for Ashley Madison's false claims (and they should), and the reputation experts to protect…

For Women in Tech, Femininity Isn't the Enemy

Why I'm OK with SXSW's 'Girls' Lounge'

Goodness, some people sure were fired up about the free manicures, hair and makeup that were offered to female attendees at SXSW at the Ipsos Girls' Lounge:   So deeply insulting and…

Super Bowl Ads Low on Testosterone, High on Cultural Awareness

After a year of scandals, frat-boy humor gets shut down

Can you hear that? That's the sound of the National Football League breathing a huge sigh of relief that advertisers still want to sidle up to the Super Bowl buffet,…

Women Are the Dominant Media Voice During the Super Bowl

Ignore our tweets at your own peril

Bow your heads, folks. Let’s have a moment of silence for the end of an era— that of Monday-morning quarterbacking. How antiquated it seems to have to wait until the…