Y&R Delivers New Image Ads for Postal Service

Young & Rubicam broke a new $10 million print and TV image campaign for the U.S. Postal Service last week, the client’s first since 1994.
Four 30-second TV spots feature people from various walks of life finishing the sentence,
“If I ran the Post Office “
As people describe the services they would offer if they were in charge–such as tracking packages and accepting credit cards –corresponding images show that the client already offers them.
The spots end with the theme, “It’s happening at your U.S. Postal Service,” and the tagline: “We deliver.” The new tagline shortens the existing version, “We deliver for you.”
Y&R creative director Bob Potesky said the “If I ran the Post Office ” idea came from customers. “Whether it’s a little old lady in Iowa or a hard-driving businessperson from New York,” Potesky said, “they have advice for the Post Office and they’re not shy about giving it.”
Potesky said he hopes the spots will disabuse consumers of the misconception that the client is stuck in the past with “1950’s technology.”
Slated to run through Nov. 17, the ads will air during prime time shows such as Seinfeld, ER and Home Improvement. Print work will run in Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and other publications.
The Postal Service is still the largest mail delivery organization in the U.S., but nonetheless is consistently losing market share to express parcel delivery companies, faxes and email, according to reports in industry publications.
Y&R in New York has handled the account since 1974.