World’s Smallest Agency Tackles a Big Subject

The World’s Smallest Ad Agency has unveiled a campaign to help launch a dot-com startup dedicated to educating and supporting families, care-givers and communities about ad-vanced care planning and options.

The four-person shop in Westport, Conn., named the client in nearby Rowayton “Jasperon” referring to a crystal purported to have “healing properties,” including the power to “bring together all aspects of one’s life,” said agency president Reneé Mandis. “The client wanted flexibility in what the company could offer, which you couldn’t get with a more literal name.”

A 30-second spot features a rapidly aging man, swirling DNA helixes and a voiceover stating: “Our life expectancy has gone up 20 years in three generations. Scientists can decode human DNA. But we still don’t know how to talk about dying.” The spot will first appear this week on PBS stations during the Bill Moyers special On Our Own Terms, which deals with dying in American society, and related programming, Mandis said. The execution will also run on cable-TV nationwide.

The company, co-founded by Jesse Fink, one of the developers of, provides, via the Internet, document preparation tools for directives such as living wills, health care proxy statements and “power of attorney” forms. Information about pain medication, grief management and bereavement are also included.