WongDoody Creates Movie Magic

NEW YORK The brief: Create promotional clips to keep the audience entertained before the screening of every entry at the Seattle International Film Festival.

The strategy: Independent WongDoody, in its fourth year handling the SIFF assignment, turned to illustrator Jason Sho Green to create drawings that could be turned into engaging animated shorts.

The results: A trio of movie bumpers that revolve around the theme, “Finding true love.”

The animated spots premiered last week and will be shown through the festival, which runs until June 17 and includes 400 features and short films.

One bumper is a photo-booth retelling of a classic myth. A myopic young man poses for some snaps with a certain snake-haired siren. The results are predictably tragic: He kisses her, turns to stone and crumbles into dust. The tagline is, “Find true film.”

“Every year it’s the same brief, which is [communicating] that the festival brings interesting films to Seattle. It’s always a challenge to come up with a new angle,” said Mark Watson, acd at WongDoody in Seattle. “The only difference this year is that they wanted to skew younger,” with most attendees being in their early-30s or younger, a demographic enthralled by depictions of relationships and romance.

The animated characters also appear on festival merchandise including mood rings, lunch boxes and banners.

“There’s [approximately] nine million things that get produced by us and SIFF’s internal staff,” joked Watson.

WongDoody, which handles the assignment pro bono, originally planned to create a single 30-second spot, but decided to add the animated bumpers after the creative team got hooked on the idea. The entire process took about nine months. “So much goes into it and so many favors get asked that it took about nine months. With money, things can go faster,” he said.

WongDoody also crafted a like-themed live-action spot airing on TV.