Wieden Off Pizza Hut Roster After Four Months

NEW YORK — Wieden + Kennedy is off the Pizza Hut roster after only four months, a client representative confirmed.

The move comes just six weeks after its only TV spot for the Dallas-based client was pulled and replaced with a spot from Pizza Hut’s long-time lead agency BBDO New York. The Wieden spot, which ran for only one week in May, was for the Insider pizza and carried the Portland, Ore., agency’s original jingle, “Where’d the cheese go? Where’s the cheese at?”

It showed scenes of people looking for cheese in other foods such as sandwiches and macroni and cheese and then cut to product shots. The BBDO spot that replaced it showed only product spots and instead of the song, had a male voiceover calling the Insider pizza “revolutionary.”

“Food shots help sell our pizza,” said client repreesentive Patty Sullivan. “The Wieden spot was to get people’s attention.

“They were given a project, the Insider, and they did it. They did a good job. They were selected to work on the Insider project and that’s what they did.”

The spot was well received by franchisees, Sullivan said, adding that the possibility exists of working with Wieden again.

“The Insider window has come and gone,” Sullivan said. “We’re into Stuffed Crusts now.”

A spot for the Stuffed Crust pizza broke over the holiday weekend via BBDO New York. It compares traditional crusts as being very hard compared with the stuffed crust which is soft and chewy.

Sullivan said more TV ads are planned for the fourth quarter but that BBDO is not in production on any Pizza Hut work right now because fourth quarter promotions have not yet been determined.

Pizza Hut’s $140 million account has been at BBDO New York since 1987.