White Wins MemorizeUSA

The E. James White Co. in Dulles, Va., will create a $2 million ad campaign that is scheduled through 2000 for its new client, MemorizeUSA.Com.
The Fairfax, Va.-based client produces portable, interactive data storage and retrieval systems. The agency’s initial task will be to launch the company’s first product, Digital Links, a nonvolatile flash memory storage device designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The flash card market generated more than $700 million in 1998.
White will be responsible for developing all advertising, marketing and collateral materials related to the launch of Digital Links, in addition to a broad-scale public relations effort. The agency is currently developing a logo, Web site and sales materials for the product. It will also be responsible for the branding and introduction of new systems as they are developed.
“The value of services provided from an aggressive marketing partner like the E. James White Company will be instrumental in helping us bring many interactive applications to market,”
said MemorizeUSA.com president John Salembene. “Without brand recognition, there is no brand preference.”
Agency senior ac-count executive Rhonda Bergeron called her shop a shoo-in for the business, thanks to its experience with governmental high-tech accounts like EDS, Sybase and Litton PRC. She said the client had also spoken with KSK Communications in Vienna, Va., and several New York agencies.