Whip It Good

If only every agency had a rubber-clad dominatrix to encourage a little discipline or a sultry “She-Planner” to spice up those focus groups.

StrawberryFrog in Amster dam, not known for subtlety in its off-the-wall cam paigns, recently encouraged such role playing among its staffers, then snapped photos. The salacious results are in a new self-promo calendar that will be sent to clients beginning on April Fools’ Day.

“We wanted to start the year with a laugh,” says creative partner Scott Goodson. The humor was in returning—in warped form—to the 1950s ideals of advertising, when it was all about “cocktails and fun, no political correctness,” Goodson says.

“The agency was a hellhole, when the staff wore—rubber,” the page above reads. The “She-Planner” page, with a topless red head in a convertible, describes your average planning session: “Into the high-tension world of creative strategy roar jealous passions, red-hot lust and the ugly demon they call focus groups.” A third page touts “Thrill-mad Strawberry Frogs”—a pair of sadistic, knife-wielding vixens in their underwear who are shown tormenting a guy in his boxers. “In an adver tising jungle, StrawberryFrog is a place for love and fun!” copy reads. No doubt. Shoptalk is holding out hope these thrill seekers will open an office Stateside.