Where the Fans Are

Some Americans are more in the Olympic spirit than others, to judge by a Scarborough Sports Marketing survey. Overall, 57 percent of adults classified themselves as fans of the summer Games. (The not-very-exclusive definition included people who are “very, somewhat or a little bit interested” in the Games.)

Respondents in the Denver and Spokane, Wash., metro areas were significantly above the national average, with 67 percent in each market identifying themselves as fans. Other metro area with above-average interest in this season’s Olympics included Salt Lake City, Honolulu, Seattle/Tacoma and Minneapolis/St. Paul (all at 66 percent). Filling out the top 10: Portland, Ore.; Rochester, N.Y.; Des Moines/Ames, Iowa; and Boston.

At the bottom of the rankings was the Charleston/Huntington, W. Va., market, where just 43 percent of adults said they’re at least a little bit interested in the summer Games. Other metros where fans constituted less than half the adult population: Chattanooga, Tenn.; Fresno/Visalia, Calif.; Lexington, Ky.; San Antonio, Texas; Bakersfield, Calif.; Miami/Ft. Lauderdale; and Little Rock/Pine Bluff, Ark.