Whatever Happened To

Remember the kid who sang his way to pop-culture icon status for Oscar Meyer bologna in a 1974 TV spot (shown here)? (“My bologna has a first name. It’s O-S-C-A-R…)
Andy Lambros, who subsequently appeared in about 40 other commercials, is now 28 and co-owns a Chatsworth, Calif.-based Internet service company called CyberWeb.
One of his most popular services is a free Christmas-oriented Web site called Santaclausonline.com.
The site provides an easy letter-writing tool that allows kids to send and receive responses from Santa Claus. The CyberWeb staff ensures that every letter received online gets a prompt response. The responses range from “Be good and courteous to others,” to an environmentally conscious Santa that asks everyone to pick up litter and recycle.
Viewers can also send free electronic Christmas cards, hear carols, read Christmas stories, sample free clip art, browse Santa’s favorite sites and shop in the electronic North Pole Gift Store.
No word on whether visitors to the site can order luncheon meat.
–Gregory Turner