Laurence Boschetto Executive vice president, director of account services, Adler Boschetto Peebles & Partners, New York.

Suit Georgio Armani, dark navy blue, from Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City.

Accessories Blue Canali shirt and a Missoni tie, both purchased on the Via Veneto in Rome; Ferragamo shoes.

‘The right jacket or tie is just another prop that illustrates to a client that you understand their business and corporate culture. When visiting Christian Dior fragrances, for example, I’ll go for a more fashionable look–Armani jacket, Canali slacks, blue-suede Gucci loafers. For client Primestar, the satellite TV provider, a more casual look is suitable–Mondo turtleneck, Cole-Haan shoes. But for meetings with CBS/Group W Satellite Communications, this demands no less than a dark suit, white shirt and perhaps a slightly funky tie. Mostly, I enjoy mixing traditional and untraditional pieces, joining together Versace with Brooks Brothers, Armani with The Gap.’

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