How is Heater Advertising, a 4-year-old Boston creative shop, handling the challenge of being the lead creative agency for Reebok International? By looking westward.

Expect the formation of a West Coast office sometime soon, agency principal Bill Heater said last week. The new entity, to be based in San Francisco, will most likely be called Heater West.

‘There’s so much creative energy out there and so many virtual corporations,’ Heater explained. ‘The East has a kind of urban grittiness that’s good for basketball; it lends a certain street legitimacy. The West is where the trends start; it has more of a fashion/style sensibility.’

Last week while Steve Giuggio, Heater’s director of account services was in San Francisco scouting out possible office sites and employees, a new top marketing executive was introduced at Reebok. John Guze was named senior vice president and chief marketing officer at the Stoughton, Mass., company.

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