Wcj’s Godzilla: Secrecy Matters

CHICAGO – Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Godzilla opens this week, and moviegoers will finally be able to see what the studio has kept under tight wraps for months: the monster.
Sony’s refusal to allow any public depiction of the film’s titular star presented an unusual challenge for Wunderman Cato Johnson, promotions agency for Godzilla marketing partner Taco Bell. It had to create separate tie-in promotions for before and after the May 20 opening.
“Sony was so hesitant about providing visuals,” said Rob Albertson, vice president and group creative director at the Chicago agency. “We had to use our rough imaginations and bits and pieces of information.”
Bits and pieces characterize the in-store merchandising WCJ created for Taco Bell for the week before opening. There’s a claw here, a foot there, protruding from a New York skyline. After the opening, the full beast will be erected.
The same restrictions necessitated two sets of Godzilla collector cups.
Taco Bell is using the promotion to drive sales of its new Gorditas menu item. Game pieces for “Find Godzilla and win” will be on beverage cups (two on collector cups) and Gorditas wrappers. Consumers will use what Albertson said is new decoder technology to see if their game pieces win them food prizes. A second element of the game has patrons collecting letters spelling Godzilla to win up to $1 million.
The decoder for the game also uncovers hidden depictions of the talking Chihuahua featured in Taco Bell’s “Want some?” TV campaign, created by TBWA Chiat/Day, Venice, Calif.