A 3-D billboard shaped like an unfolded trail map seeks to attract Houston residents to Keystone Resort, a skiing destination in Keystone, Colo.

Attached to the billboard is a cable that carries three passengers—or mannequins—aboard a 300-lb., life-size chairlift, which lights up at night. Created by Cultivator Advertising & Design in Boulder, Colo., the ad features a copy balloon that reads, “Unfortu nately, you are not here.”

The billboard aims to increase visits from one of the ski resort’s top five out-of-state markets, said Scott Coe, an account director at Cultivator. “Hopefully, it will turn heads down there,” he said. “It’s more of a buzz creator. It’s a cool piece of communication that transcends the medium.”

It is expected to run along Houston’s Katy Freeway, or I-10 West, for the next three to four months. After that, it may move to other top target markets for Keystone, like Chicago, Kansas City, Mo., and Atlanta, the agency said.