Water Behaves in Delta Faucet’s Campaign

ATLANTA The Martin Agency launched two 30-second television spots for Delta Faucet, the shop’s first work for the company since winning the account after a review last May.

The work replaces the tagline “Beautifully engineered” with “We work wonders with water.”

In the first TV spot, which promotes Delta’s scalding protection system, Martin depicts water as mischievous, waiting for an opportunity to spew a hot stream on witless victims. The idea is illustrated by showing a man being scalded while taking a shower. The spot ends with the voiceover, “Water thinks this is funny. We don’t.”

In the other spot, a small girl is shown washing her hands. She puts her ear against the faucet and hears classic music. “Water at its most refined,” a voiceover adds.

Cliff Sorah, the creative director on the account at the Interpublic Group shop in Richmond, Va., said the strategy behind the campaign is to portray Delta as the faucet company that knows best how to control and dispense water.

“Water is like an unruly child,” Sorah said. “Delta makes water act the way it should.”

Joao Rodrigues, director of global brand marketing for the Indianapolis client, said the campaign stresses the company’s dedication to technology.

“This campaign is designed to drive home the fact that Delta faucets are different from the inside out,” Rodrigues said. “We have been and continue to be a leader in innovative technology that enhances how water is delivered into the home.”

Spending on the campaign was not disclosed. Delta spent more than $15 million on advertising last year and $12 million the year before, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

The spots are running on HGTV, DIY, A&E, the History Channel and the Food Network. Print work includes ads in the May issues of magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home, Cooking Light and Southern Living. Internet ads and in-store promotions are other campaign elements.