Walker Wakes Up

J. Walter Thompson here takes a humorous approach to auto mufflers in new advertising for longtime client Tenneco Automotive.
TV and print creative work for the new Walker Quiet-Flow muffler focuses on new technology that helps vehicles run more quietly and efficiently, said Mel Foster, executive creative director and executive vice president at JWT.
One 30-second TV spot, “Sleepers,” is set on a test track for cars that is lined on both sides with people sleeping in their beds. As a car circles the track, technicians test for sound and engine efficiency. The sleepers stir only when the driver slams the car door when the test is over. A voiceover asks, “So if your muffler can’t do all this, isn’t it time you woke up?”
The spot broke Feb. 22 during college basketball games and will air throughout next month’s NCAA basketball tournament. Print ads, set to run in automotive magazines, are more trade-oriented and focus on new product features, Foster said.
The goal of the campaign is to familiarize consumers with the brand, so when a mechanic or auto service shop recommends a Walker muffler, consumers already have information about it and are more inclined to make the purchase, Foster said.
Some of the spots will feature a five-second tag at the end providing a toll-free number for Walker dealer locations. Tenneco Automotive, headquartered in Lake Forest, Ill., has been a JWT client since 1973.