walk the walk

Shaky camera shots show a man leaving his home to buy items such as box cutters and ski masks. In quick, jagged edits, a black screen with white lettering flashes “facts” such as “Safe houses: 3600 gallons” and, after a quick shot of a trunk filled with guns, “AK47s: 125 gallons.”

The ad ends with this thought: “Where do terrorists get their money? Every time you fill up your tank—some of it may even come from you.”

Sound familiar? In a PSA for pedestrian-advocacy group City streets, New York shop Think Tank parodies the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s campaign that links terrorism to the drug trade. The spot, “AK47-Redux,” was done pro bono and is airing in the New York City area. In two weeks, it will also be up on the group’s Web site, www.citystreets.org.

In an attempt to ape what it considers a gross leap in logic by the ONDCP, the group “alleges” that Saudi Arabia uses its petroleum-based wealth to support jihad against the West—and therefore those who drive are as complicit in terrorist acts as those who use drugs.

“The first spot from the ONDCP definitely caught my attention,” said Sharon Makarechi, creative director at Think Tank. “When the City streets assignment came up, I realized the best way to tell the truth was to expose what wasn’t true.”