VH1: Tuned In And Turned On

VH1’s 25 Greatest Commercials special, which premiered Saturday, is worth a viewing if only for Linda Kaplan Thaler’s inspired re-enactment of the orgasm scene from The Kaplan Thaler Group’s 1999 Herbal Essences spot (No. 25 on the list). This woman has a future in a Rob Reiner movie.

VH1 selected the winners—U.S. spots only—by consulting other best-commercial lists and industry insiders, says executive producer Norman Green. Ads range from the classic (Apple’s “1984”) to the contemporary (Arnold’s “Mister Roboto” for Volkswagen from 1999). Actors, comedians and various advertising people—among them Lee Clow, Cliff Freeman, Donny Deutsch and Joe Pytka —all give snarky soundbites.

During the show, Kaplan Thaler also sings the Toys R Us jingle (a spot from 1983 is No. 10) and describes Ben Affleck’s hatred of the Aflac duck (an ad from 2000 is No. 7). “It’s wonderful to get that kind of exposure on such a fast-paced, entertaining show,” she says, adding that it was intriguing to see what the kids from the Toys R Us spot—including Jaleel “Steve Urkel” White—look like now.

Which ad is No. 1? Shoptalk isn’t saying (the program will surely air hundreds of times in the coming weeks), but it has something to do with a hillside in Italy, a fizzy soft drink and harmonic teenagers.