VCU Mixes ‘AdChemistry’

VCU Adcenter hosted its annual fundraiser for the Richmond, Va.-based ad school on Feb. 10, drawing more than 300 people to Gotham Hall in New York to hear industry luminaries discuss the secrets to successful creative partnerships. While the featured duos—Jeff Goodby and Andy Berlin, Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, and Lee Clow and Steve Hayden—have not worked together for many years, each demonstrated that the bonds created by “AdChemistry,” the theme of the event, sustain the test of time. With often-biting brotherly love, the men traded humorous tales of years spent together creating ads and building agencies. Highlights included Goodby’s fictional timeline detailing what would have happened to his agency if Berlin had stayed (random global expansion), Kennedy’s reveal of Wieden’s true motivation (lust for wealth and power) and Hayden and Clow’s inspiration for Apple’s “1984” (fear).